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By-Law XIII of the Uniform Province By-Laws

Southwest Province Local Ordinances


The Constitution and By-Laws of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Incorporated shall be the Constitution for this Province of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Incorporated: all constitutions, by-laws and standing laws by which this Province was formerly governed are revoked.




Sec. 1. This Province shall be known as Southwest Province, hereinafter referred to as the Province of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Incorporated, as designated by Alpha Chapter of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Incorporated, hereinafter referred to as the Fraternity.

Sec. 2. The Province may elect to incorporate, however, any application for incorporation must receive the approval of Alpha Chapter of the Fraternity prior to submission to the appropriate office of legal jurisdiction. Further, the Province may elect to form additional corporations, if needed, subject to the aforesaid provision of this section.




Sec. 1. The Province shall be composed of the Collegiate and Graduate Chapters within the boundaries designated by Alpha Chapter of the Fraternity.




Sec. 1. Each Collegiate Chapter shall pay the annual per capita fees of $5 for all Chapter Members of record as of November 1st of the preceding year. Said payments shall be accompanied by a current chapter roster. Each Graduate Chapter shall pay the annual flat rate of $50, irrespective of the number of members. All dues and/or fees shall be for the calendar year and shall be due no later than opening of the Spring Province general session. A late charge of $10 per month shall be assessed for any dues and/or fees not paid by the due date, up to a maximum of twelve months. The Southwest Province shall donate $200 to the Kappa Psi Foundation each year. This money shall be submitted during the Grand Council Convention by the delegate from the Southwest Province. In a year when GCC is not held, the Treasurer shall send the money to the Treasurer of the Foundation at an appropriate time.

Sec. 2. Any Chapter failing to pay its dues or fees by January 31st shall be automatically suspended from the Province and must remain suspended until all dues or fees, and late charges are paid in full.

Sec. 3. Special assessments may be levied with the consent of two-thirds (2/3) of the Chapters of the Province. Each Chapter, regardless of size, shall have one (1) vote when balloting for special assessments.

Sec. 4. Notice of special assessments shall be given to the Chapters by the Province Secretary and shall be due within thirty (30) days after the posting of such written notice.

Sec. 5. Money raised by special assessment may be used only for the stated purpose for which the assessment is made. Any unused money must, on a pro-rated basis, be either refunded to the Chapter or credited toward the following year’s dues and/or fees, at the option of the individual Chapter.




Sec. 1. Province Assembly shall be held twice annually. Province Assemblies will be hosted on a

set rotation as follows. The subsequent Southwest Province Assemblies will follow the schedule below:

  • Epsilon Beta

  • Epsilon Epsilon

  • Delta Beta

  • Zeta Eta

  • Delta Theta

  • Gamma Rho

  • Zeta Lambda

  • Delta Pi/Epsilon Tau

  • Delta Delta

  • Gamma Omicron

Sec. 2. The Province Assembly Chairperson from the Host Chapter, in conjunction with the Province Satrap and Secretary, shall notify the Chapters of the time and place of the Province Assembly and Interim Meeting at least two (2) months prior to the date of the meeting(s). The Province Assembly Chairperson, in conjunction with the Province Satrap and Secretary, shall notify each Chapter and each member of the Executive Committee of the agenda for the Assembly or Interim Meeting at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting(s). After establishing a budget, the Province Assembly registration fee shall be set by the Host Chapter and shall be approved by the Province Executive Committee. The above expenses shall be documented by the appropriate bills and/or receipts to be submitted to the Province Treasurer for approval within one month of the Assembly. If the budget was not approved by the Province Executive Committee as specified, the Chapter shall not be eligible to petition the Executive Committee for reimbursement for expenses in excess of registration or other income. Sec. 3. The Province Executive Committee may postpone any Assembly or Interim Meeting in case of an emergency. Sec. 4. At all Province Executive Committee Interim Meetings the Delegate shall invite one (1) member from each active Chapter, as defined in By-law XIII Ordinance 4 section 2, not represented by a Province Officer, to attend in a non-voting capacity.




Sec. 1. The Assembly shall be the supreme legislative, judicial and executive body for the Province. Appeals of its decisions may be made to Alpha Chapter or to the Grand Council when in session assembled. The decision of the Grand Council shall be final.

Sec. 2. The Province Assembly shall consist of the Collegiate Chapters, Graduate Chapters and the elected Province Officers.

Sec. 3. Each Chapter in good standing shall be entitled to two (2) votes in the Assembly. Each Province Officer, who is not a Chapter Delegate, shall be entitled to one (1) vote. In the case of Chapters, two (2) votes may be cast by a single delegate.

Sec. 4. The Chapter Secretary should notify the Province Secretary, at least thirty (30) days prior to the Assembly, of the names of the Chapter’s Delegates. Any changes are to be reported to the Province Secretary at the opening of the Province Assembly.

Sec. 5. Any Chapter unable to send a Delegate to the Province Assembly may confer its proxy on any Delegate of another Chapter represented at the Assembly. The certificate of Proxy must be in writing, signed by the Regent and Secretary of the Chapter and must be forwarded or presented to the Province Secretary prior to the opening of the Province Assembly. Any Chapter represented by proxy shall not be entitled to travel funds and/or any other Assembly reimbursement.

Sec. 6. Each Collegiate Chapter represented by a Delegate (not a proxy representation) shall not be reimbursed for expenses to province Assemblies

Sec. 7. Province Officers will be reimbursed from the Province treasury for 100% of the early registration fee at each Province Assembly.

Sec. 8. Each Grand Council Deputy (Chapter Counselor) shall be a non-voting Member of the Province Assembly and shall have the registration fee for the Assembly waived. Further reimbursements may be made by the Grand Council Deputy’s respective Chapter.

Sec. 9. The Province shall provide a forum in which the Grand Council Deputies (Chapter Counselors) may meet for the purpose of discussion and free exchange of ideas.




Sec. 1. The Province Officers shall be: Immediate-past Satrap, Satrap, Vice Satrap, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Chaplain, and Webmaster. These Officers shall be elected from the Collegiate and Graduate Members in the Province, with the exception of the Province Supervisor(s) and the Immediate-past Satrap.

Sec. 2. The Grand Regent shall appoint a Province Supervisor and/or Assistant Supervisor as Province Officers. The Province Supervisor and/or Assistant Supervisor shall not have voting rights within the Province.

Sec. 3. All Province Officers except Province Supervisor(s) and Immediate-Past Satrap, shall be nominated and elected on an annual basis at the Spring Province Assembly, beginning Spring Province 2014, and will serve a one (1) year term. Webmaster will be nominated and elected at the Spring Province 2013. Brothers must be in attendance at the meeting in order to be eligible for election, unless there are extenuating circumstances and the Brother prepares a campaign speech to be read on their behalf at the meeting.

Sec. 4. The Vice Satrap shall chair the Awards Committee and be responsible for verifying all aspects of the awards.

The Province Secretary will attend to all correspondence of the Southwest Province including, but not limited to the Province Supervisor(s), Central Office, Collegiate and Graduate Chapters within the Province.

The Province Treasurer shall send each Chapter in the Province, at least fourty-five (45) days prior to the due date, a chapter dues statement and invoice, including directions on how dues should be paid.

The Historian shall act as Editor of the Southwest Province Newsletter, to be distributed at least twice a year and shall keep the Province Anthology updated. The Historian shall submit at least two Province articles per year to The Mask.

The Chaplain shall be responsible for coordinating a Southwest Province philanthropy project with chapter participation between Province Assemblies benefiting an organization or project selected by the Assembly.

The Webmaster shall be in charge of maintaining the Southwest Province website, which consists of posting all contact information for the Province, officer reports, monthly updates, and working in conjunction with the Historian to post photographs of Southwest Province events. The Webmaster will facilitate all Chapters in the Province developing websites and ensure each Chapter’s website is linked to the Province and National websites.

Sec. 5. The Province Executive Committee may designate a particular Chapter to serve as a “Permanent Archives,” and a member of that Chapter shall be appointed by the Satrap to serve as “archivist.”




Sec. 1. The Province shall have the following standing committees: Executive, Legislative, Auditing, Province Assembly Planning, Philanthropy, Resolutions, Risk Management, and Awards. Each committee shall provide a brief report on their findings with the assembly during committee reports.

Sec. 2. The Province shall have such special Committees as may be needed from time to time. Special Committees may be created at the will of the Satrap, by vote of the Province Executive Committee, or by vote of the Province Assembly.

Sec. 3. An attempt will be made to include at least one (1) Brother from each Chapter on all standing committees.

Sec. 4. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Province Officers; the Satrap shall be Chairman of this Committee.

Sec. 5. The Legislative committee shall establish and review the ordinances of the Province; to ensure that local ordinances do not contradict the Kappa Psi Constitution; to look for grammar, misspellings, and updates to the local ordinances; to recommend approval of any changes to the bylaws.

The Auditing committee shall review the Province bank account for accuracy and discrepancies; to ensure all chapters’ dues and statements are provided for and accurate.

The Province Planning Committee shall determine the time and place for the next Province meeting by reviewing black-out dates as well as scheduling conflicts with each chapters; discuss improvements to be made in the next meeting, and strengths to uphold in future meetings.

The Philanthropy committee shall discuss and decide on new philanthropic ideas for the Province and its chapters to focus on; recommend a project to be voted on during committee reports, including purpose of project and clear explanations of how to achieve the project; share with chapters the successes of philanthropy projects and impacts on the community.

The Risk Management committee shall review risk management policy with committee and determine if any updates need to be made; ensure all chapters are abiding by risk management guidelines; share with committee how your chapter is teaching the risk management guidelines to brothers, and what each chapter is doing to minimize risk.

The Awards committee shall formulate an awards guideline as deemed appropriate by the committee; evaluate all chapter reports due; responsible for providing all awards paperwork and deadlines to all chapters in the Province (chapters must be given adequate time and notification of reports due).

The GCD Forum shall be where all GCD’s in attendance of the meeting may review GCD responsibilities, as well as discuss issues within each chapter and ways to resolve them.




Sec. 1. Elections of the Province Delegate and Alternate Delegate to the Grand Council Convention shall occur at the Province Assembly immediately prior to the Grand Council Convention in the same manner as elections of the Province Officers. The Province Delegate and the Alternate Delegate will serve a one (1) year term. If the Province Delegate and Alternate

Delegate are both unable to attend, a member will be selected by the Satrap. The Province Delegate and Alternate Delegate to the Grand Council may hold another Office in the Province. The duties of the Province Delegate and Alternate Delegate will be assigned by the Satrap or the Executive Committee.

Sec. 2. The Province Delegate shall submit a written report of the Grand Council to the Province Secretary and Province Historian within thirty (30) days after the adjournment of the Grand Council Convention. The Province Historian will publish said report in the Southwest Province Newsletter and on the Southwest Province webpage.

Sec. 3. The Province Delegate shall be reimbursed from the Province treasury for the early registration fee for the Grand Council Convention.




Sec. 1. The order of business for Province Assemblies shall be: Call to Order; Opening Ritual; Roll Call and Seating of Delegates; Welcoming of Visiting Brothers; Minutes of Previous Assemblies; Reading of Communications; Officer and Committee reports; Chapter Reports; Special Speakers; Old Business; Report of Chapter Counselors Session; New Business; Election and Installation of Officers; Closing Ritual; and Adjournment.




Sec. 1. A quorum shall consist of the Delegates from not less than one-half (1/2) of the Chapters,

including proxies, of the Province.




Sec. 1. Parliamentary conduct at all meetings shall be closely adhered to and shall be governed by the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order - Newly revised.




Sec. 1. Any amendments to these By-Laws shall be in the form of Local Province Ordinances to be a part of By-Law XIII. All Local Province Ordinances shall be subordinate to and consistent with these By-Laws and the Constitution and By-Laws of the Fraternity. Organization of Local Province Ordinances shall be such that the Arabic numeral of each Ordinance shall indicate content corresponding to and in modification of the numerically equivalent Roman numeral By- Law. Local Province Ordinances may consist of more than one (1) section, in which case, the order of sequence shall be similar to the order of sequence in the respectively modified By-Law.

Sec. 2.At Province Assemblies, motions to amend shall be presented to the Delegates at any Session prior to the Final Session, in writing, and shall be voted upon at the Final Session of the Assembly. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Assembly is necessary to adopt an amendment (ordinance) to By-Law XIII.

Sec. 3. Duly adopted Local Province Ordinances of By-Law XIII shall be deemed to be in force upon adoption by the Province, unless disapproved by the Grand Counselor or the Legislative Committee of the Grand Council. Enforcement of any newly adopted Local Province Ordinance may be delayed for a decision of legality from the Grand Counselor or the Legislative Committee of the Grand Council upon a motion, approved by simple majority of the Province Assembly.

Sec. 4. Should formal charges be brought against any Chapter or Member of the province for an alleged violation of any Local Province Ordinance, less than one-hundred-twenty (120) days old, that had not received written approval of the Grand Counselor or the Legislative Committee of the Grand Council, the Chapter or Member so charged shall be entitled to demand a continuance of all proceedings, pending written decision concerning the legality of such Ordinance from the Grand Counselor or the Legislative Committee of the Grand Council; such decision shall be transmitted by certified mail.


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